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Qingdao Glory Footwear Co., Ltd.

GLORY FOOTWEAR is engaged in making and exporting footwear since 2001. Our main products are military boots, desert boots, hunting boots, Our products have been sold well all over the world including America, Chile, Australia, Canada, France , UK , and Russia . We were and will always be a better choice of suppliers, because we take your every request to heart. We cherish every chance to cooperate with you. We prefer the strong partnership more than simple business; we prefer a long term cooperation more than a super deal. Glory, is a name for better than better! We only say what we can do! Glory Footwear, is more than footwear, and will be also more than Glory.



How to choose a satisfied safety shoes

How to choose a satisfied safety shoes


Safety shoes is one kind of work shoes. It can be called safety boots with higher upper. It is a series of special pu...